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Doctor and Patient


How We Got Started

JY family medicine & urgent care has been serving Houston since 2012. We were founded with patient care in mind, and are committed to treating all patients in need. Our highly skilled medical professionals take great pride in providing our community with quality care that’s patient-centered. Learn more about what makes us unique by getting in touch with a member of our medical staff.

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Dr. Ying Gu, MD

American Board Family Medicine Certified
American Board Geriatric Medicine Certified
Memorial Hermann SW medical staff


Family Medicine


Personal Statement

Growing up in a medically-oriented family I always dreamed to become a doctor as a child. My dream came true after I graduated from Xian Medical University, one of the top ten medical schools in China in 1982 and became a doctor in the state hospital. However, after three years of clinical work I was overwhelmed with sadness watching my young patients with leukemia succumb to the disease. I felt that I needed to learn more. In 1986, I returned to Xian Medical University as a Hematology fellow. After finishing the training I worked as a hematologist in patients care as well as research on leukemia. In 1996, I went to Stockholm University, Sweden for medical research. One year later I came to the USA and completely immersed as a medical research fellow. My focus was in the biochemistry and the molecular biology aspects of cancers and AIDS. My research work has been published in peer review journals, such as Journal of Biological Chemistry. From August 2001 to May 2006 I was a faculty member at the Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas

Despite these accomplishments, I missed the personal interaction with patients, hence started my journey to become a licensed physician in the US. I completed my family physician residency training in Provident-Cook-County-Loyola Family Medicine Program in 2010. While there, I treated a wide variety of patient populations and illnesses, and I loved my job as a primary care physician. But during this period both my parents became ill, my father passed away after several years of suffering, and my mother is still in a vegetable state. I decided that this fast growing older population needs special care. so I went back Loyola University to get my Geriatric fellowship and graduated in June of 2012.

I am very happy to move to Houston to be closer to my family and start my practice. My mission is to treat the whole family as a unit and to serve the community. I especially have compassion for the elderly. My clinic accepts patients of all ages, with appointment or walks in, and provides medical services to patients with insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or if without insurance, at a minimal charge. My philosophy is “treat patient as a human being not a disease" and “mindful of their suffering”. I care about you, and I will do whatever I can to keep your wellbeing.


Liu Xiaoyu

First time going to an Urgent care. Dr. Gu was awesome. They got me in an out quickly. My visit was very efficient and addressed my concerns perfectly. I would much rather go here over a clinic now that I realize how well equipped they are and how fast I can be in and out. Thank you guys keep up the good work!

Dewayne Washington

Had a great experience here at Jy Family Medicine & Urgent Care. Fast, friendly and professional environment! Everyone I encountered was kind and easygoing. Dr Gu was professional, caring, a good listener and exceeded my expectations.

Zhang Jie

I could not be more satisfied by the care I received here. Everyone was friendly, kind and compassionate. Nicely done!

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