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Treat patient as a human being, not just a disease and we “suffer with you”. We care about you.


Provide comprehensive medical care. Dr. Gu has 14 year experience as a internist and Hematologist in China and 10 year experience as a primary physician in USA. she got her Family Medicine residency training and Geriatric Fellowship training in the USA and is America Associate Family Practice member, Memorial Herman SW Hospital Medical Staff, Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, Board Certified Geriatrician.


No need appointment, before & after work or school. Open in weekends (Sat. Sun.) and next door Pharmacy, which will bring your easier to get your treatment soon.


Affordable fees for non-insured & cash patients:
Initial clinic visit: $70.00, return clinic visit: $60.00
Annual physical: physical exam+ lab:$135.00
Female: Pap smear:$45.00
Male: PSA: $20.00
School physical or sport physical: $35.00

Other character:

We use Electric Medical Record: so you don`t need bring your files when to see a specialist and return clinic after visit the specialist. No need bring your prescription, but go to pharmacy to pick up your medications.

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